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System for safe navigation

The product called RT-MOB (Real time - Man over board) signalizes event immediately a man over board, through special acoustic and light signals.

TM5x Series
TM7x Series
T5x.05 Series
TM5cx Series
TM7cx Series
Radar T72.0x Series
BBFF 50/200Khz 1000W T15.06
Autopilots T80.0x Series
NMEA Repeaters T91.0x Series
Product Description

The RT-MOB system prevents incidents at sea and it protects and assures a safe navigation.

The system consists of a central radio-frequency station ?RR-MOB?, called receiver and installed on board, and more radio-frequency transmitters called ?RTX-MOB Alert Units" that signalize the receiver when it gets in contact with sea salt water. This immediate signal gives the team the possibility to act immediately in case of man over board.

Every member of the team and every passenger receives the device - a small tag sensor (RTX-MOB) before embarking That box contains a transmitter which, in case of man over board, transmits a signal when enters in contact with salt water. That signal is received by a receiver installed on board.

The product will alarm immediately the team members through acoustic and light signals.

The RT-MOB signal, at sea level and in good weather conditions, covers an area of 0,5 km. It can be received only by the central radio-frequency receiver which is connected and does not match with similar systems installed on other boats present in the same area .

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RT-MOB Technical/functional characteristics (Central Station)

  • Powers Supply : 12 volts / 220 volts
  • Magnetic code label assigned of RT-MOB
  • Man over board Alarm light and acoustic signal
  • Low battery signal
  • Out of range alarm
  • Panic alarm
  • Video display with alarm RT-MOB signal
  • Control Signal for correct RT-MOB activity
  • Power LED
  • Acoustic Alarm
  • Connection for internal or external antenna
  • Auxiliary exits: 2 contacts ? 5 A n.o.
  • The RRX-MOB central station and the RTX-MOB transmitters are IMQ certified according to :
    • EN 300220-3
    • EN 301489-3
    • EN 60950-1
    • EN 60329
    • EN 60032-2
RTX-MOB transmitter technical and functional characteristics
  • ?Panic alert? S.O.S. button
  • Belt clip
KIT accessories ? plastic case
  • RR-MOB central station (receiver) completed with:
    • Support for installation on the wall
    • Support for intallation on the shelf
    • Internal antenna External antenna with a 2.5 mcable long and installation support
    • Power Supply 12 volts with a spiral cable
    • Power Supply 220 volts with a transformer
    • A Power Supply cable 1 m long
    • No.4 RTX-MOB systems (transmitters)

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