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T15.06 Black Box Fish Finder
Dual Frequency 50/200Khz

The BBFF complies with every need of navigational aid sport fishing and safe anchorage.

A full range of transducers are available to match the BBFF.

(v.15.06 ENG)

(v.15.06 ITA)

TM5x Series
TM7x Series
T5x.05 Series
TM5cx Series
TM7cx Series
Radar T72.0x Series
BBFF 50/200Khz 1000W T15.06
Autopilots T80.0x Series
NMEA Repeaters T91.0x Series
Product Description

The Techmarine Digital Black Box Fish Finder is designed to be easily connected and combined with TM5x Series, TM7x Series, T5x.05 Series, TM11e, T55.09, T59.301, T59.05 and T59.09 units; it turns all Techmarine multifunction chartplotters into a 600 or 1000 Watt RMS Fishfinders.

The T15.06 BBFF features advanced filtering, which will eliminates unwanted noise and sharpens echoes to enhance separation and detection. The Black Box Fish Finder also features Airmar Transducer ID, which will detect the transducer that is connected and automatically adjust the settings of the unit to optimise the performance of the system; it can be coupled with various kinds of plastic stern thru hull transducers, or in hull transducers, or bronze thru hull transducers: the unit works with Xid AIRMAR transducers.

The maximum power output of the BBFF has been upgraded to 600- or 1000-watts RMS of output power. Optimal power output is automatically selected depending on the transducer.

Using the bottom lock function and the zoom it is possible to locate all kind of fishes, even the most difficult to find. The BBFF automatically detects the transducers.

Features: Real-time, multi-color A-Scope, Zoom capability to magnify any part of the image of a fixed rate 2x, 4x and by user-selected range, trip log, speed sensor, interference rejection and noise filter, shallow, deep, fish and temperature alarms, fish alarm, low sea bottom, high sea bottom, low temperature, high temperature.

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Summary of Features

  • Dual frequency 50/200kHz
  • 600W or 1000W output (depending on transducer)
  • Fish symbols or coloured echo
  • Up to 4 x zoom
  • White line helps distinguish between fish and the seabed
  • Inbuilt Sensitivity to Time Control reduces or eliminates surface clutter
  • Fish alarms
  • Choice of transducers - Xducer ID detection system automatically selects the power output and configures the parameters to suit the transducer
  • Max Depth: 350M @ 200 kHz, 1200M @ 50 kHz
  • Improved waterproof and shock resistant housing
  • Sensitivity Time Control (STC) and Surface Noise Filter
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Technical specifications

  • Power consumption: up to 17W
  • Supply Voltage: 10-35 Vdc
  • Current drain: STBY - 170 mA @ 10 VDC, Max - 1.42 A @ 12 VDC
  • Operating temperature: 0-55 C
  • Frequency: 50/200 Khz
  • Water resistance: IP 54
  • Vertical pixels: up to 400
  • Colours: 16
  • Frequency: 50/200kHz
  • Depth intervals:
    • 1 kW 200 kHz from 0,8 to 365 m
    • 1 kW 50 kHz from 1,6 to 1219 m
    • 500 W 200 kHz from 0,8 to 213 m
    • 500 W 50 kHz from 1,6 to 457 m
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